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The Gender Gap: Troubling Financial Capability Findings among Women

Filene’s just released “The Gender Gap: Troubling Financial Capability Findings among Women” report suggests American women are not planning enough for retirement and overestimate their financial ability.  For respondents taking a five- question financial literacy test, only one-quarter of women were able to correctly answer the three simplest questions—about interest, inflation, and risk diversification (indicating a basic level of financial literacy)—compared to 47% of men. How financially capable are you? Take the test  Financial Quiz

This report also points out areas in which credit unions can better help women save, invest, and manage debt throughout their lives.  What are your credit unions doing to help women meet these challenges?

Challenges Facing Women in Leadership Positions, Financial/Risk Management, Growing CU Market Share, Impact of Women in Society, Member Service
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I am Rohima,a new member of GWLN. 25th June i just got a mail from GWLN to attend RSVP to the Global Women's Networking Reception at 11 July in Hyatt Regency. I want to know what is the processing to attend any event. Who sponsor this event? Who bear my expenditure? Me or GWLN? Who give my visa, plane and hotel cost and the other expenditure. And I also want to bring a guest. Actually I really want to go in this event, so please reply me as soon as possible with more details about this event and all the process.


Hello, I am Rahima. i am a new member of GWLN. 25 June i was just got a mail from GWLN to attend RSVP to the Global Women's Networking Reception. Actually this is my first invitation from GWLN, and i dont know what is the proe


i am a new member of Global Women's Networking. in 25 June i got a mail from GWLN to attend annual 2015 Athena Award at Hyatt Regency in 11 July. Actually this is my first invitation from GWLN and i don"t know what is the processing to attend any events? Who spon I really want to attend this event

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