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2013 Global Women's Leadership Network Engagement Programs

Engagement programs provide credit union leaders the opportunity to become more actively involved with international credit union development. Participants will have the opportunity to travel to another country, learn about the local credit union movement and World Council's work there, as well as exchange their knowledge and expertise with others.

Each program offers a different area of focus so participants can select a program that best matches their interests. Engagement programs are not restricted to Global Women's Leadership Network members only; anyone can participate. Members do, however, receive preferential rates. Become a member.

Past Engagement Programs

Kenya, November 2010

In the Network's first Engagement Program, a group of ten credit union leaders to traveled to Kenya to volunteer at the Busia Compassionate Centre, an orphanage supported by the network. Joanne
Duncan, senior vice president and CFO at CUNA, participated in the trip and said, "The trip to Busia, Kenya with WOCCU was inspiring on many levels but I am left with a few key imprints from the experience: WOCCU and its staff live the philosophy of people helping people. Having seen them in action, knowing the impact they've had in Busia was inspiring. I'm challenged every day to incorporate the philosophy into my work. This is what sets credit unions apart from other institutions."

Kenya, 2011

The Kenya Engagement Program offered the unique opportunity to travel with World Council staff throughout the country and collaborate with local partners. While in country, participants learned how World Council is using the latest technological innovations to reach the unbanked poor and help the estimated 50% of Kenyans that live below the poverty line. After visiting project-supported credit unions and rural communities, as well as volunteering at Busia Compassionate Centre (orphanage), participants helped develop savings and credit products tailored to meet member needs. Participants not only gained first-hand knowledge about the country's credit union movement and culture, but also became directly involved in the World Council international development program to influence strategic implementation issues.

Ventura, California, May 2012

Network members learned how Ventura County Credit Union has partnered with World Council to provide financial services to local immigrant workers using technological innovations. They discovered how they could use the same technology to reach new markets in their own credit unions.

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