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Retaining Board Members
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Cooperative Marketing Campaigns
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Fees and Service Charges
Lending: Commercial
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Lending: Consumer
Lending: Mortgage
Lending: Pay Day
Market Research
Marketing: General
Marketing: Multi-media
Member Service
Savings Product Development
Second Tier Service Providers
Risk Management & Regulatory
Communications – Internal, external, crisis, PR
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In an effort to expand the international aspect of the Global Women's Leadership Network and to help advance emerging credit union leaders, female members from developing credit union movements will not be charged the US$250 annual membership fee. 

FAQ: Am I a part of a developed or emerging credit union movement?

The following countries are considered to have developed credit union movements*:

United States

All other countries are considered developing or emerging credit union movements. 

*Please note that members from developed credit union movements are still able to earn points once they become a member to apply to their membership renewal.  For more information please see Leadership Rewards.

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