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Leadership Reward Points Program

The Leadership Reward Points Program rewards members for their active participation and gives credit union women worldwide the opportunity to join or remain in the Network for free for one year. The points you earn can be applied toward membership and event registration fees. All Network members are automatically enrolled in this system, so there is no need to sign up.

Join or Renew for Free for One Year!

New members can pay their $250 membership fee up front or sign up for the points program to receive their first year of membership for free. Female leaders working in the credit union industry, including credit unions, leagues, vendors, regulators and board members, are eligible to join the Network. To join through the Points Program now, click here and fill out your profile, which will only take about five minutes. When you reach the payment section, click "Get free year through Points System."

Existing members can also renew for free for one year. To renew for free, click "renew now" on your account and select "Get a free year" in the payment section.

Earning Points

Members earn five points for their involvement with each Network activity, including:

Nominating a Member: If you nominate a member and she joins the Network, you will receive 25 points. To nominate a member, visit

Each point is equivalent to US$1. Only substantive online posts will receive points. Members' accounts will be automatically credited for their contributions to the website. Points earned for attending Network events will be added shortly afterward. Members are able to see their points total in the box on the top right side of their accounts.

Redeeming Points

Leadership Reward Points can be redeemed for membership fees and Network event registrations. They cannot be used to receive reimbursement for a fee that has already been paid. Members can redeem a maximum of 450 points per transaction.

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