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Malawi Sister Society Annual Meeting - 2018-9-1

Colorado Sister Society Meeting - 2018-7-18

Sister Society Chapter: Colorado Sister Society

Location of Meeting: Denver Art Museum

Sponsor of Meeting: Bellco Credit Union

Meeting Topic: Life as Art

Speakers: Florence Müller

Number of Attendees: 64

Community Charity Supported: Access Gallery

Meeting Minutes: Click Here To Download

Trinidad and Tobago Sister Society Women's Forum - 2018-6-16

Launch Of Uganda Sister Society - 2018-6-16

Sister Society Chapter: Uganda Sister Society

Location of Meeting: Entebbe Uganda

Sponsor of Meeting: Ms Habiba Kent

Meeting Topic: Introduction of Uganda Sister Society

Speakers: Ms Habiba Kent

Number of Attendees: 13

Community Charity Supported: N/A

Dollars or Resources Donated: N/A

Minnesota Sister Society - 2018-6-13

Sister Society Chapter: Minnesota

Location of Meeting: Duluth, MN

Sponsor of Meeting: MNCUN

Meeting Topic: Global Perspective: The Cooperative Movement in Cameroon, Time Management, and Facilitating Change

Speakers: Michilene Bayiha, Kathlynn McConnell, & Dr. Steve Manderscheid

Number of Attendees: 61

Community Charity Supported: Spin

Meeting Minutes: Click Here To Download

New England Sister Society - 2018-6-8

Sister Society Chapter: New England Sister Society

Location of Meeting: Framingham, Massachusetts

Sponsor of Meeting: PSCU, CU Direct, CUERRA, Open Lending, The Credit Union League of Connecticut, and the Cooperative Credit Union Association

Meeting Topic: We Still Have a Long Way to Go

Speakers: Rosalind C. Barnett

Number of Attendees: 65

Meeting Minutes: Click Here To Download

Michigan Sister Society - 2018-6-7

PA Sister Society Meeting - 2018-5-3

WOCCU Sister Society - 2018-5-1

Joint Arizona / Colorado Sister Society Meeting - 2018-4-26

Iowa Sister Society presents Ignite Change - 2018-4-25

Eastern Washington Sister Society meeting - 2018-4-18

Florida Sister Society Meeting - 2018-4-11

Bay Area Sister Society Meeting - 2018-4-5

Global Women's Leadership Network New England Sister Society Luncheon - 2018-4-5

San Francisco Bay Area Sister Society Meeting and 6th Anniversary Celebration - 2018-4-5

Portland/Vancouver Sister Society - 2018-3-15

Wisconsin - Global Women Leadership - 2018-3-13

Colorado Sister Society Meeting - 2018-2-8